4. Private Messages

4. Private Messages

Send a private message to other members of the board, this is a way to communicate privately. You will find similar functions to your E-Mail client.

You will see all messages within the selected folder. By default, 10 messages per page will be displayed.

For each message the following data is provided:

  • Subject
  • Author of the message
  • Date of the message
  • Status of the message:
    • read/unread (can be seen on the icon and the bold text. You can also check in the outbox whether the message has been read.)
    • replyed/forwarded
  • Recipient of the message (Outbox)


  • Read message:

    Click onto the title of a message and you can read the message below the message list.

  • Mark messages as read:

    By double clicking the icon, you can set a message read or unread.

  • New message / reply / forward:

    The buttons above and beneath the message list provide the ability to write a new message. If you have selected a message, you can also directly forward or reply to it. If you have a conversation, its history will be listed beneath. Creating a new message will offer the same functionality, as when creating a new post. If you enter the recipient, you will be provided with possible members on the board.

  • Edit message:

    As long as the recipient has not read the message, you can edit it.

  • Save message as draft:

    As you know the function within your e-mail client, you can also save your message as drafts, so you can change and send them later. Those messages are automatically saved within the folder drafts

  • Move message:

    This options enables you to move one or more messages to different folders (by selecting multiple).

  • Download message:

    You can also download messages with all their attachments.

  • Delete message
  • Select messasge
  • Create folder / rename folder / delete folder:

    You can also create folders to manage your messages. This task can be achieved by clicking "Manage folders".

  • Space usage:

    Just below the list of the folders, that allow you to manage your private messages, you will find a bar that displays the total usage of the space.
    If the limit is reached, you will have to delete old messages in order to receive or write new messages.

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