3.5. Moderation

3.5. Moderation

To use the moderative functions the browser needs enabled JavaScript. You will find the descriptions within the thread- and post-listing.

  • Select post/thread:

    If you are a moderator or administrator you will have the ability to select a certain post and will then see a drop-down beneath the thread list with options for those selected threads.

  • Edit title:

    You can change the title of a post directly within the thread list, simply click the icon or double click onto the title.

  • Edit prefix:

    You can also change the prefix of a post, you can use the double click only if there is already a prefix set.

  • Stick / Unstick thread:

    You can mark a thread as important via the context-menu.

  • Enable / Disable post/thread:

    This options is used if a board is set moderated. Threads then have to be enabled by moderators first before they can be seen by all users.

  • Delete / recover post/thread:

    You can delete threads. As long as a thread is still within the recycle bin you can recover it.

  • Open / close post/thread:

    Threads that are closed cannot get a new reply by normal users. Closed posts cannot be edited by the author anymore. A thread or post that is closed will be marked with a little lock on the icon.

  • Selected threads:

    If you have selected threads you will find a button with a drop-down menu beneath the post or thread list with certain options:

    • Move here:

      You can move all selected threads into a different board. All threads will be deleted in the old board and moved into the new one.

    • Move here (including link):

      All threads will be moved like on "Move here" but there will be a link to the moved post on the old board. Those links have to be deleted manually.

    • Copy here:

      You can copy a thread which will be copied with all threads.

    • Close / Delete thread:

      This is the same option as listed above, but for multiple threads.

    • Display:

      All selected threads will be listed on an extra page.

    • Unselect:

      All selected threads will be unselected.

    If you open the options within a thread:

    • Add to this thread

      The marked threads will be united with the current one, old posts will be deleted.

    • Copy and add

      The same as above, but this time the posts will not be deleted.

  • Marked posts:

    If you have selected one ore more posts you can find a button beneath the thread list with more options:

    • Create new thread (move post)

      The marked posts will be moved into a separate thread.

    • Create new thread (copy posts)

      The marked threads will be moved into a new thread, but the posts will be kept in the original post.

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