3.1. Board list

3.1. Board list

The board-list shows all boards and categories that can be viewed by you.


A board is the place where discussions take place. Each board has its own icon, which change if there are new posts. The number after the title indicates the unread threads. By double clicking the board icon, all threads within the board will be marked as read. You can also see on the right side who wrote the last post and in which thread. Optionally there may be a description set for each board. The number of users browsing the boards, can also be displayed.


Categories can hold multiple boards, grouping them. They are marked in different colours and they can be folded. If a category is folded, the number after the title again indicates the number of unread threads within the category. A category can not directly hold posts.

External Link

You can also find an external link as a board which will redirect onto another site.


Beneath the list, you will normally find some additional information about the board. Depending on the configuration you can see the active users within the board as well as other information.

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